Don’t get stuck in an identity rut

You may have this thing you do that you associate with your identity. You’re the one who takes the photographs. The computer guru. The great cook. The super skier. If someone has a question about cars or investments or how to solve a relationship problem, they come to you for that Thing.

Don’t let that Thing define who you are, however, or you risk becoming boxed in by it. You’re always taking pictures, not appearing in any of them. You’re always cooking but never enjoying the feeling of being served. You become seen as the source of information or assistance rather than a whole person with feelings and thoughts beyond your central defining Thing.

By reaching beyond your current skills or passions, you can discover strengths you did not know you had, ways to contribute to the world or your own life that you might never have experienced had you let your existing strong identity trait confine you. Or, maybe you’ll find something that you enjoy but that you’re not necessarily good at doing. It is OK to be the computer guru who paints abstract watercolors that are never displayed beyond a loved one’s living room or the stock market aficionado who enjoys making mostly tasty cakes that are somewhat decorative.

Stretch yourself. Grow. Learn. Discover who you might be.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out “Put on Your Crown,” by Queen Latifah.



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